About Us

Company Profile

DDSS established as complete. Office Service provider in 2006. We grew over the years to become one of the best independent office suppliers in Mumbai

In a changing industry where company after company has been swallowed up by larger Conglomerates, we have succeeded by providing excellent customer services and competitive.

Pricing as a locally based company, we are able to respond to each customer’s individual needs and stay stay proactive in a changing marketplace.

With over 7 years in the office supply business, we feel that we are well qualified to serve your company in a superior manner. Our experienced staff, competitive pricing, technological capabilities, and customer service skills make us the best choice for hundreds of companies large and small in the city

Trade Spcialists

We are professional supplier for office stationery supplying all type of office related products at very competitive prices. Please have a look at whole catalogue for complete list of oll the products and sub-categories we provide

Our Goal

We have goa to provide total flexibility and convenience for our customers, making it efficient and easy to do business in a fast-moving environment.

Capacity in meeting your volume requirement on time

We have branche Mumbai(Bandra) and more that 18 close Relationship ones which are located in different suburbs in the city. Also have more than 12 delivery boy for your door step delivery 24X7. We are using electonic billing and computerized delivery Challans so that you can have your you account status at any moment and help us to easily complete the large-scale and multiple orders of office stationery.